VERDUN: Can't move in new game when the chat is left open after the last one

jhgreen 4 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Thomas 5 days ago 4 1 duplicate

If I'm chatting at the end of a game and the next map loads, you spawn in but the keyboard and mouse are totally unresponsive. I can hit Alt F4 or Alt-tab out of it but the game doesn't work at all. Not sure what happens if you die.

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have chat open when the game is switching maps
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I've noticed this (and reported it I believe) over on Tannenberg. Although, the keyboard for me worked (plus mouse after using ESC) and I was able to get moving/aiming again by entering something into chat.


Thanks for the report, we'll fix this.

I used to think it was a Windows 10 bug...

It happened about 100000 times in the yesterdays Verdun World Championship, lol. We had to announce every restart so everyone closes his chat line...

There was a rumor, it only happens to CP. Did not check on that so far...