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No XP gained in squad defence

Munnharpe 2 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated 5 days ago 6

Lately I've played some squad defense games where we didn't receive any coop XP at all. Which of course is very boring. I checked the squad mates in the friends list in the main menu after these games, and our shared XP hadn't increased at all.

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I am not sure. It seems to happen randomly. I think it happened with full squads when it happened to me.
Output Log:
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Could you share your game log file via Pastebin.com please?

Where to find game log files, and how to share (Steam Login Required) 

This log, is it of a session in which the issue occurred?

I can't remember, but it is likely

Who are you playing with?  I see in the log "untitledfolder89" to give some issues. Also how many friends do you have in the offline list?

I do play with him but lately I've noticed the bug whenever I've been in a full squad, also when untitledfolder89 isn't there. It is very difficult to count how many friends I've got because apparantly it has to be done manually and whenever I bring up the friends list menu it lags a lot. But I recon it's about sixty. I haven't noticed the issue until quite recently, but maybe I didn't notice for a while. However I can definitley remember gaining xp with a full squad a couple of months ago.