Doubled Input in build 286.9174

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I seem to be getting some doubled inputs or something. If I hold my sprint key, my player will rapidly initiate a sprint continuously. If I hold the scoreboard key, then the scoreboard will flicker. When typing in chat, pressing backspace removes two chars.

I'm running Fedora 27.

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Try running, opening the scoreboard, or removing characters in chat.
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That's not right. Do you have any controllers plugged in? does the problem persist after restting the controls to default?

No controllers plugged in, and it persists after resetting controls.

I've noticed it stops if I pressing another key while holding a key down. i.e. opening the scoreboard it starts flickering, when I press another key while the scoreboard is open it stops

Just to confirm I have exactly the same issue in both games now as well.

Holding tab to show scoreboard makes it constantly flicker, running constantly flickers the animation like shown in the video between running/walking. Exactly the same. I imagine it's an issue with Unity.

I'm on Ubuntu 17.10 64bit, Nvidia 980ti.

I'm having the same bug in Tannenberg. I'm running ubuntu 16.04, nVidia GTX 1080, prop. drivers 390.25 (from ppa).


I've looked a little into it

Turns out, the reason it happens is because [insert whatever X11 replacement we have now] simulates represses by sending a rapid succession of key release and key press events. For some reason, the game has ceased to check the STATE of the keys, and started maintaining an internal state based on keyboard events.

A temporary fix, which will at least make the game a little more playable is to run

xset r off

in terminal. This removes automatic repetition of pressed keys.

Now, this is not to say that the game is restored to the pre-patch state. There's something funny going on with the input which makes the game quite unresponsive even without it. I have noticed the following:

  1. Keys do not seem to be interpreted in the correct order
  2. There's some obscure problem with the mouse which I can't put my finger on. It's just not like it used to be.
  3. The game is generally unresponsive, it feels as if the graphics I am seeing do not correspond to what is actually going on.
  4. The backspace key removes two letters at a time form the chat for some reason.

Thanks for reporting, we are looking to address this asap. 

I haven't been able to enjoy playing the game in quite a while due to this.