Please make Jump shooting inaccurate.

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Please make Jump shooting inaccurate. I know it's not a simple as it sounds but please do something about being able to jump and shoot without a loss of accuracy.

Game Version:
Build: 260.7213
Reproduction steps:
(Action sequence of jump shooting, remaining in a straight line) I jump then promptly fire my weapon; the bullet hits an area which could be a characters center chest, if in line of fire.
sorry for my poor detailed description.
Output Log:

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Game already takes you out of ADS mode when you jump while aiming.

As for entering ADS mode after pressing jump:

Hasn't this already been discussed to death?

Really? Does the game take one out of ADS mode when jumping?

While playing can be seen a lot, people jump and aim down sights while doing so. Just saw it several times today.

I just tested it.

Yes, it can be seen a lot. People jumping and ADS. 

Its simple. Easy "work-around".

ADSing, jumping so ADS taken out, just hit ADS button again and you aim while being "in the air".

Try it on your own.

Yes it's know, there's no plans to remove it at this time after a year ago it was accidentally removed in a patch and caused a very large thread calling for it to be added again. It wont be in Tannenberg however.

Your description does not lead to accurate jump shooting^^ Anyway, it has been in Verdun for long. Many people play it because of this possibility of control (strafe shooting btw too). There have been many discussions in the steam forums. It will most probably stay in the game as the most active players like this feature.

You might check out Tannenberg, because there, jump and strafe shooting have been removed from the beginning of early access.

They could remove the ability to use Hold Breath, and be done with it.

Some have said that it would just be RNG, but if Verdun had TB's 1:1 precision of Hold Breath and non-Hold Breath. (i.e. Just aiming down the sights [ADS] vs holding Shift while ADS'ing) I think it would alleviate that concern some, but one would still have to factor in the sway a little bit.

It's fine as is, I don't think this needs further discussion.


I'm not a fan, there are plenty of games where you can use it. Verdun should try to be a little more realistic... (I get that it's a video game and not reality)